What is Kick Cancer to the Curb of Mille Lacs County?

Kick Cancer to the Curb of Mille Lacs Co., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2019 by a group of Mille Lacs County community members, with a mission of providing financial assistance to qualifying Mille Lacs County residents experiencing cancer in order to alleviate medical bills and other expenses related to health care needs as patients Kick Cancer to the Curb! 

We help residents of Mille Lacs Co.


Mille Lacs County residents who are receiving treatment or hospice care for cancer. Qualified recipients can use the funds as needed to help with medical bills, travel expenses for treatments, groceries, home, or utility expenses. Financial need is not a consideration for assistance. 

How do you apply for assistance?


Contact Kick Cancer to the Curb of Mille Lacs County for an application. The application must be completed by the patient and patient's oncologist, nurse, social worker or hospital staff. No other paperwork is needed to apply. 

Application form

How are we funded?


Kick Cancer to the Curb of Mille Lacs County is funded through private donations and local community fundraising events. Funds raised stay in Mille Lacs County to help cancer patients in need. We Are People Helping People!